We're not just making pliers—we're making a statement. We take pride in our craft and our commitment to American manufacturing. We embrace hard work and the trades pros who keep our country running. We value quality and never take shortcuts. It's not the easy way. It's the CHANNELLOCK® Way.
Inspiration behind Channellock Way
What Does
American Manufacturing
Look Like?
When a CHANNELLOCK® tool says “Made in the USA,” that means it’s 100% MADE IN THE USA. Everything from the steel to the packaging is sourced and assembled right here on American soil. It’s how we’ve done things since 1886 and we’re not about to stop now.
Legendary Strength
Forged from 100% U.S. steel and laser-hardened for ultimate strength.
Uncompromising Quality
Rigorously tested to make sure they work as hard as you do.
No Shortcuts
Our processes aren't the easiest or the cheapest, but that's what it takes to make our pliers legendary.
INSPIRED BY THE TRADES Since 1886, CHANNELLOCK® has been continuously engineering specialty pliers to meet the ever-changing needs of the skilled tradespeople who rely on them. The perfect embodiment of American grit, ingenuity and resilience, these hardworking tradesmen and women don’t just do things the CHANNELLOCK® Way—they’re the inspiration behind it.
Pliers Made The Channellock® Way
  • Channellock Way Channellock Way
    Straight Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers

    The iconic pliers that started it all. Its non-slip grip and tight bite turns, tightens and loosens bolts without strain.