PC-2 4pc Pro's Choice Pliers Set


The CHANNELLOCK® PC-2 Pro's Choice 4pc Pliers set come with a 9.5" Tongue & Groove, 7" HL Diag Cutting pliers, 8" Long Nose, and 8" Slip Joint all packaged with a bonus tool tray for convenient storage. Model 420 9.5" Tongue and Groove pliers are built to last with a PERMALOCK® fastener to eliminate nut and bolt failure, patented reinforcing edge to minimize stress breakage and right angle, laser-hardened teeth to provide a better, longer lasting grip. Model 337 7" HL Diag Cutting Pliers use precision knife and anvil cutters to ensure proper cutting edge alignment, resulting in a clean cut every time. Model 317 8" Long Nose Pliers are engineered to operate in tight spaces. A crosshatched teeth pattern provides reliable grip in either direction, while a narrow nose profile provides extra precision. Model 528 8" Slip Joint Pliers are easy to use and comes with legendary strength and reliability. Serrated jaws grip work tightly and the PERMALOCK® fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure.

  • Set INCLUDES: 9-1/2-inch Tongue & Groove Pliers, 7-inch XLT™ Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 8-inch Long Nose Pliers with side cutter, and 8-inch Slip Joint Pliers
  • Model 420®: The ORIGINAL STRAIGHT JAW Tongue and Groove Pliers provide a strong, versatile grip for use in both directions
  • Model 337: XTREME LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY (XLT™) increases performance and reduces hand fatigue
  • Model 317: PRECISE narrow nose design provides accessibility for hard-to-reach applications
  • Model 528: 2-POSITION adjustment accommodates various sizes
  • Model 420®: STRONG 90-degree teeth for superior grip and longevity
  • FORGED high carbon steel for maximum strength and durability is specially coated for ultimate rust prevention.
  • CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips for comfort
  • 100% MADE IN USA