447 8-inch High Leverage Curved Diagonal Cutting Pliers


CURVED DIAGONAL Cutting Pliers feature a unique curved plier head for additional access and functionality. State-of-the-art laser heat treating offers a strong and consistent pattern across the cutting edge for increased strength and longevity. CHANNELLOCK® Curved Diagonal Cutting Pliers are made in USA and forged from high alloy U.S. steel that is specially coated for ultimate rust prevention.

  • LASER heat-treated cutting edges last longer
  • IMPROVED HIGH CARBON alloy steel for superior performance
  • CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips for comfort

Jaw Length 1.02 in.25.91 mm
Overall Length 7.75 in.196.85 mm
Joint Thickness 0.49 in.12.45 mm
Cutting Edge 1.02 in.25.91 mm
Handle Span 1.89 in.48.01 mm
Weight 0.72 lbs.326.59 g