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“To be a good tradesman you've got to have good tools, and for 21 years CHANNELLOCK® has been that tool for me.”

- Rocky Hyatt, HVAC Specialist

Rocky Hyatt’s 420®’s

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Undercut Channels

Won't slip, reducing hand injury

Permalock® Fastener

Fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure

Heat-Treated Teeth

Right angle, laser heat-treated teeth grip better and last longer

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CHANNELLOCK® has been forging and deploying American-made pliers from Meadville, PA for more than 133 years. After focusing on our company and associates in the first series, we wanted to spotlight the hardworking men and women who rely on our tools every day on the job. That sparked the idea to travel the U.S., meeting a variety of tradesmen to hear their stories and celebrate the work they’re doing with their favorite CHANNELLOCK® pliers.

Meet Rocky Hyatt: HVAC Specialist and Owner of Delta HVAC Controls LLC, Mountain View, AR

Rocky's Must-Have Tools

420® 9.5” Straight Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers
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S363A 3/16" x 3" Professional Slotted Screwdriver
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369CRFT™ 9.5” XLT™ Round Nose Linemen's Pliers
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