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CHANNELLOCK® SPEEDGRIP™ 428X Tongue & Groove Pliers make fast and easy non-slip adjustments so you can get the job done even quicker. Laser-hardened crosshatch teeth grip stronger and last longer thanks to innovative engineering. There is also a reaming feature for easy deburring of pipe. Finally, like all CHANNELLOCK® pliers, SPEEDGRIP™ 428X Tongue & Groove Pliers are made in the USA from high carbon U.S. steel for ultimate strength, and have ergonomic handles with no-slip grips.

  • FAST and EASY, non-slip adjustments
  • PRECISE, laser heat-treated crosshatch teeth for a tight grip in all directions
  • REAMING feature
  • FORGED high carbon U.S. steel for ultimate strength is specially coated for rust prevention
  • CHANNELLOCK BLUE® Comfort Grips reduce hand fatigue
  • 100% made in usa

CHANNELLOCK® 318I 8" XLT™ Long Nose Pliers with 1000V insulated grip are built for long, tough jobs thanks to our Xtreme Leverage Technology, which reduces hand fatigue. With its sleek design made of high carbon U.S. steel and its strong crosshatch teeth grip, these pliers are unstoppable. The insulated grip with a 1000V rating ensures optimal safety during the most dangerous jobs.

  • INSULATED GRIP with 1000V rating for safety on the job
  • XLT™ Xtreme Leverage Technology increases performance and reduces hand fatigue. Considerably less force is required to cut than traditional high leverage designs
  • SLEEKER, lighter design is streamlined for easier handling
  • LASER heat-treated cutting edges last longer
  • DURABLE, precision-machined knife and anvil style cutting edges ensure perfect mating and superior cutting edge life
  • HIGH CARBON U.S. steel
  • CROSSHATCH teeth for tighter grip
  • PIPE GRIP design accommodates many shapes